Moments from 2022's events:

2022 CoBuilders Cohort

Companies are selected and supported by Regional Partners as listed below

Higher Purpose Co

Melissa Bloom

BloomTech Developments is committed to creating technology that will drastically improve & optimize the business of healthcare. We believe in bringing Vast Industry Knowledge, Organization and Technology together to create real software solutions.

LeJeune Johnson

The growth of telehealth as a virtual option for therapy has exploded over the last 2 years during the pandemic. Most experts agree that telehealth is here to stay as a clinically validated technology to provide therapeutic service in the post pandemic era. Telehealth platforms like Better Help, Talk Space and Doctor on Demand have been popular examples for success. However, the need for therapeutic services and wellness initiatives in the workplace have been largely ignored. Now more than ever corporations should be invested in the wellbeing of their employees, as they reintegrate back into the workforce and acclimate to our “new normal.” Therapy Plus, LLC seeks to offer corporations telehealth therapy services for their employees via our Corporate Therapy telehealth platform. The preservation of wellness and mental health should be a highly supported service in the workplace.

Hinds Community College Vicksburg/Small Business Development Center

Jarita Frazier- King

Natchez Heritage School of Cooking (NHSC) was founded in 2016 by Jarita Frazier- King. NHSC is a meal planning, catering, and heritage food tour company. During the difficult and uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic, king took advantage of WIOA programs to retain or learn new job skills for dislocated workers. She enrolled at DSC Truck Driver Training Academy and finished her training at KLLM Transportation. While working for KLLM king recognized the lack of food or healthy selections for over-the-road drivers. To become a licensed CDL driver one must pass the DOT exam. Drivers who are insulin dependent or who have uncontrollable blood pressure can not hold a commercial license. King’s prior experience in nutrition along with what she observed served as the catalyst for the new company and concept of Drive Time Meal Delivery Systems. Over the past 6 years, the company (NHSC) has grossed over $280,000 with 30% of the revenue from meal delivery and preps. The company is 90% woman-owned and 100% minority-owned. King is currently providing meals and collecting data from the active driver to become the next Blue Apron of the trucking industry.

Prospective Vision Solutions Logo

Angenett Curry
Angenett Curry

Angenett Curry is the owner and Operations Manager of Prospective Vision Solutions LLC (PVS) dba PVS Financial Coaching & Services. PVS is a certified minority, woman owned small business that’s licensed and bonded in the state of Mississippi. PVS is also a registered business at Angenett provides a total money management program by conducting comprehensive financial literacy webinars, seminars, workshops, and one-on-one training. Their signature service is the Financial gameplan package which includes the creation of a vision board, budget set up, savings & investment education, free credit repair & disputing services, student loan restructuring and strategies on obtaining capital for a personal loan. Angenett also has a program for youth ages 8 – 18 that’s designed to teach bill payment, investing, job security, conflict resolution, and integrity. She also has Books, eBooks and Workbooks that teaches money management which can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Target, Walmart, and LuLu. PVS’s vision is to help its clients understand the importance of managing their money, maintaining good credit and becoming viable citizens in their community.

Jackson State University/The Bean Path

Zeke Fairbank

iResonate is a B2B-B2C Payment Facilitator. Through partnerships with websites, iResonate’s unintrusive ClickTip® button enables content viewers to efficiently make an impulse donation to the author of the content that they are viewing.  A complete audit trail is maintained, and webhosts, content providers and donors are all able to see their sources and amount of funds on their dashboard.  

Martin McCurtis
Martin McCurtis

At Quantum Flow Inc., we’re introducing 22nd century performance and style to the World of Hair & Beauty. We’re introducing amazing products that offer higher efficiency, improved comfort and healthy outcomes to ‘At Home’ users and Professionals. Through a strong social media presence and influencer relationships, we will inform the public that hair health has finally caught up with the times.

Sajani Barot
Sarah Malouf
Sarah Malouf

The Skin Consult is an e-commerce and demand generation marketplace for the dermatology and aesthetic community. We empower best in class skin professionals to provide data driven, and personalized solutions from anywhere in the world.

The Meeting Place

Jason VanZant

Hometown is a marketplace like Amazon but instead of products it’s full of home services making hiring a contractor as easy as ordering a pizza. The way it works is small business owners create service listings on our platform, each listing defines a price and an estimated time for the job. Since the price is predefined the funds are held in escrow until the work is approved and since the time is predefined the service can be scheduled for an available opening on the contractor’s work calendar.

NaTonya Parish
NaTonya Parish

The Magnolia Diner is the home of The Famous Collard Green Egg Rolls. Located on on the coast of south Mississippi the collard green egg rolls have made there mark in the community and still making it way around the South. The Collard green Egg Rolls are a product that repeatedly makes a great first impression amongst adults and, also being a healthy option that kids love.

Time Touch Take logo

Barbara Coatney
Barbara Coatney

Time-Touch-Take, LLC is a start-up company that will make and sell a medication dispenser system that has IoT capability, timer, alert, and must have the involvement of the caregiver every seven days. The target audience is elderly and blind senior individuals who want to live safely and independently in their homes. The inventor has applied for a non-provisional patient, EIN number, and LLC.

Mississippi State University

Nate Phillips and Natalie Hughes


Daybreak Technologies aims to provide innovative application and technology supports to fields that have specialized needs, but little ongoing interest or involvement from the tech community. Our current project is the ABA discrete trial training (DTT) app, designed to help special education teachers and other stakeholders as they use ABA and DTT in the classroom. These teaching strategies have been shown to dramatically improve outcomes for students, and no other therapy has been shown to provide this level of support at this time. Our app aims to support teachers by reducing time commitments for ABA, supporting automatic data output, and guiding teachers through ABA therapy step by step.

Sawyer Wyatt Smith

Diversified Food Solutions is a scientifically driven company aimed to provide food processing companies of any sector with innovative solutions, products, and consultation. Diversified Food Solutions strives to prevent processing loss, spoilage, and adulteration through our services. As of now, our main product is a novel biopolymeric, edible and biodegredable film that can applied to the surface of foods in order to combat against pest.

Tony Luczak
Erin Parker
Charles Freeman
Carver Middleton

Humo, LLC is a wearable technology development, validation, and engagement company with a focus to improve fitness training and limit performance related injuries. Stemming from a research project at Mississippi State University, Humo designs, validates, and produces pressure and muscle activation wearable technologies. The combination of hardware and software product offerings tracks human motion and relays kinematic information to an AR application platform for training and recovery.

Mississippi Polymer Institute

Mark Isaacs

WonderWindows by GS Research LLC are multi-pane acrylic windows with 300-400% increased energy-efficiency compared to conventional double pane in fixed aluminum frames. WonderWindows improve the energy-efficiency of the wall around the window by safely eliminating excess framing, making for affordable new Net Zero Energy buildings and homes.

VerteCore Logo

Paul and Sharon Leake
Paul and Sharon Leake

VerteCore developed a wearable orthopedic device to innovate the way back pain is managed. Created because of the founders’ needs, the VerteCore Lift aims to provide rapid relief from most sources of back pain caused by herniated/bulging discs, SI joint dysfunction, compressed nerves, sciatica, facet arthropathy, and functional scoliosis. The Lift features an affordable, convenient, mobile decompression solution for those seeking more conservative back pain-relief options (from low-back and radicular pain) without reliance on prescription painkillers or risky surgery.

Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation/University of Mississippi

Ben Street
AJ Davidson

Shovel Solutions LLC and our software Shovel offers a digital commerce and logistics SaaS for the pre-construction/mineral foundation industry. Shovel triangulates the business activity between the three user-ecosystems that facilitate the industry process, a process that is a prerequisite to any further construction occurring. Today, the industry at large conducts the day-to-day using manual, paper-based processes that lead all players to lose money, time, and product. Via 3 specialized interfaces, users can purchase, track, and deliver mineral product through a simple application using GPS and audit logs to make sure no one loses a load of dirt again.

Arnold Houston

YAVE LLC is a telecom company that specializes in tracking devices for family protection . We deploy the most advanced wearables and tags to give parents and caregivers more peace of mind. Our devices monitor location, alert on anomalies and communicate using cell phone technology. We provide safe connectivity to loved ones while limiting the dangers of the internet for young children. We are in the brand building phase where we intend to provide leadership in monitoring and reporting for the purpose of family and asset protection.