A thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is a key economic driver for creating jobs and building wealth. The pandemic and everyone’s comfort with remote connectivity has now allowed us to connect entrepreneurial development partners and entrepreneurs remotely in an effective network to support Mississippi’s first statewide accelerator.

Our goal is to fuel this ecosystem by providing cash and other incentives to new startups to seed fund their launch and growth throughout Mississippi.


CoBuilders, a Partnership-Driven Accelerator, launched by Innovate Mississippi as, is a 12-week intensive and structured program designed to accelerate the growth of qualifying startup companies. 10 companies will be selected to enter the first cohort and each will receive investment in the form of a SAFE agreement to increase their capacity and motivation to participate.

To fuel the event and ensure a statewide scope, Innovate Mississippi is contracting with 8 regional partners throughout Mississippi to identify, develop & support their best startups through regional events. In each region companies will be identified through the pitch events to participate in the accelerator. In addition, local mentors will be identified in each region to provide one-on-one support and coaching.

This will bring together 2 proven tools – public pitch events and a structured accelerator – and provide 8 regional, dynamic public events and a large statewide event drawing people from throughout the state and region.


To stimulate entrepreneurial development through a coordinated and collaborative effort, impacting job and economic growth throughout Mississippi.

Mississippi’s first statewide accelerator has seven regional partners who will hold eight statewide pitch events. Startups from each regional event will then enter the statewide cohort.


Connecting Resources Statewide

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