Innovate Mississippi’s CoBuilders Pitch Day on November 8, 2023, part of the Accelerate 2023 Conference, showcased various startups, each bringing unique and exciting ideas to the forefront of Mississippi’s entrepreneurial landscape. The event at the Mississippi Museum of Art was a testament to the state’s burgeoning innovation and technology sector.

The startups represent Mississippi’s diverse industries and regions, highlighting the state’s depth and breadth of entrepreneurial talent. For example, Road Rescuers, spearheaded by Dequarius Dunson from Flowood, MS, presented an on-demand roadside and automotive assistance marketplace, leveraging advanced app and web technology.

Another standout is Narratrip, co-founded by Lamar Gordon, Stan Flint, Derek Norsworthy, and George Cumbest from Lucedale, MS, which offers a voice-guided travel app connecting travelers with cultural experiences worldwide.

G.I. Jean, a Hattiesburg-based startup founded by Angie Yonce, Monica Tisack, and Caitlyne Shirley, focuses on women’s health, demonstrating a product line capable of treating various pathogens without invasive procedures.

SellVNTG, founded by Owen Ridgeway, David Markham, and Preston Rollins from Oxford, MS, pitched a digital marketplace for vintage clothing to bridge generations through fashion.

The 2023 CoBuilders Pitch Day highlighted a range of other innovative startups, each contributing unique solutions ranging from healthcare data management to environmental sustainability and personal empowerment.

ppx-TEC: Based in Jackson, MS, is revolutionizing healthcare management. Their platform centralizes health histories from disparate systems, enhancing decision-making and patient monitoring. It bridges gaps in data connectivity, setting the stage for advanced AI and data analysis applications in healthcare.

MAPP: Hailing from Biloxi, MS, focuses on easing the funeral planning process. Their tech platform offers comprehensive support, including financial and legal assistance, addressing a sensitive but vital need during such critical times.

RebornC: Located in Hattiesburg, MS, takes an innovative approach to environmental sustainability. Their technology transforms plastic waste into valuable resources, contributing to decarbonization and micropollutant removal. This process addresses plastic waste issues and aids in the transition to a carbon-neutral society.

Total Body Submersion: Founded by Kiana Moore in Pearl, MS, it focuses on empowering individuals through swimming. Their mission is to provide learning and enjoyment of swimming, particularly in underserved communities, enhancing safety and confidence in the water.

Tempo: Created by Anirudh Aditya, Ryan Hopson, and Rajat Dabral in Starkville, MS, is a unique learning management system. It combines short-form videos and structured course builders to create a new social learning experience, aiding self-discovery and knowledge sharing.

The event showcased these groundbreaking ideas and emphasized the strong community support and collaboration among entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors, setting a positive tone for the future of Mississippi’s startup ecosystem. We are so proud of each of the teams. They represent the state’s potential to nurture ideas with significant local and global impact.